Simple Tips for Shipping a Painting Safely

Most artworks, especially paintings, are fragile and expensive. For this reason, the process of shipping a painting requires care and attention. It is easy to damage the piece during transportation if it is not packed properly. Professional art shippers usually recommend a double-box option. Also, it is better to pack the glass cover separately. Besides, larger paintings should be shipped in wooden crates.

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Fine Art Shipping Tips for Art Lovers

Fine art lovers know how important it is to ship their artworks safely. Art pieces are usually unique and expensive, and damaging them results in huge despair and losses. However, if you have packed your art properly, you will easily avoid such a misfortune. It is also important to choose a good fine art shipping service provider and purchase appropriate insurance coverage.

If you are going to pack your artworks yourself, you will need the following materials:

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How to Ship Art Prints: 3 Key Recommendations

The question of how to ship art prints rises more and more frequently. Over the last decade, fine art prints have been quietly gaining momentum. As of today, they seem some of the most trending art products in the entire industry. Thanks to the authenticity and affordability, many collectors now consider buying them іn great numbers.

If you want to make a present or sell a print, you have to ensure its safe transportation to a recipient. The next three key recommendations will come in useful the day when you decide to ship your artwork.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Art Logistics Company

The more you ship fine art, the more you understand the true and unquestionable value of a professional art logistics company. With the help of expert fine art shippers, you do not need to make a fuss every time you want to deliver your art to another place, be it another city or another country. If you still do not hire an art shipping company when transporting fine art, here are five main reasons why you should start considering it as a viable option from now on.

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