De Sarthe Artist Residency X Wing Po So at de Sarthe Gallery

Fine Art Shippers is happy to announce an awesome event that is sure to be enjoyed by all fans of contemporary art. Hong Kong’s de Sarthe Gallery is now hosting the annual de Sarthe Artist Residency program featuring the talented Chinese artist Wing Po So.

At Fine Art Shippers, we highly recommend that you visit this event to see our many-sided world from a completely different perspective. The artist has organized the gallery space and presented it to the guests in a very unexpected way. Just imagine the kind of fictional excavation with various artifacts every visitor can discover by exploring the location.

The highlight of the artist’s creativity is her knowing, understanding, and ability to work with natural medicinal substances and elements that are common to Chinese traditional medicine. Mostly these are a variety of plants, roots, and fruit seeds. Wing Po So seems to be expressing about the matter and the essence of being. The artist makes her guests see the universe not with the eyes, but with a sense of touch, flavor, frame, and relief.

The location is open to all concerned experts of talent in the normal opening hours of the gallery. The exposition is free to visit until September 7.

About de Sarthe Artist Residency

de Sarthe Gallery occupies a huge space of 10,000 sq. ft. in the heart of the artistic district of Hong Kong, Wong Chuk Hang. This place provides a unique opportunity for all the artists to show their individuality to the admirers, to interact with the world of the viewer and the art.

de Sarthe Artist Residency represents the dynamics of actions and images; it is about the active position of artists and art lovers. de Sarthe is not just a gallery with static images, but the space that lives and breathes with its visitors.

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