Try to remember the day you visited the museum for the last time, your emotions and feelings about all the pieces of art you discovered there, and the knowledge you gained. The museum is not only a source of memory but also a place that teaches people to think and forms their view about a particular artist, sculptor, and period of history or country. The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore is of this type.

The history of The Walters started in 1934 with the gift of Henry Walters who was not only a prosperous person but also a revered collector and philanthropist in the city. He left in his will the collection of art to the city. According to various estimates, the number of exhibits in the contribution totaled nearly 22,000 artworks. At the time, the Museum was called the Walters Art Gallery. The situation changed in 2000 when the Museum got its current name that exists up to now.

What to see at The Walters Art Museum?

The Museum can meet the different preferences of its guests. The exhibits demonstrated at the Walters come from different cultures and time periods. The range of artworks is simply staggering, starting from 5000 BC to the present times. The Walters’ collection of ancient art includes art pieces from Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the Middle East. Besides, the Museum is proud to show paintings created by the famous Italian artists of the 15th century, manuscripts from Iran, Japanese weapons, and exhibits from the Mayan era.

Facts of interest

  • The Walters is a socially responsible place. Entrance to the Museum has been free since October 1, 2006.
  • The Museum is family-oriented, offering many interesting programs for children of all ages.
  • Over 175 volunteers popularize The Walters every day.

The Walters Art Museum is worth every minute you spend visiting it. Very recommended!


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