Zürcher: Contemporary Art Gallery in Paris and New York

Zürcher Gallery is among those places that all art lovers should visit. This beautiful contemporary art gallery was founded by a couple, Bernard and Gwenolee Zürcher, in Paris near the Centre Pompidou in early 1992.

Bernard was very young when art took his heart forever, largely due to his father who was an art collector and the Maeght gallery that he often visited at the age of 15 or so. Years later, Bernard Zürcher became a curator in the Musée de l’Orangerie and the Palais de Tokyo. In those days, he came up with the idea of opening his own contemporary art gallery. Zürcher dreamed about the place that would become home to the best artworks of the contemporaries.

One day, when admiring the art pieces at the exhibition, Bernard Zürcher realized that the artists were very young when they created those paintings. The youngest turned out to be Braque; he was 24. And the eldest artist was Matisse, who was only 35. The matter of the artists of his own generation became the most interesting and valuable to Zürcher, and in 1992, he finally founded his own contemporary art gallery in Paris.

17 years later, Zürcher opened his second gallery space, this time in New York, near the New Museum in Manhattan. It was a challenge to the gallery owners because nobody believed they would succeed. But their true confidence, friends, and love for art did the job. Now, Zürcher Gallery brings the best in contemporary art under one roof.

At Zürcher Gallery, you can enjoy artworks by many talented contemporary artists, including Kyle Staver, Marc Desgrandchamps, Ákos Birkás, Wang Yu, Taylor McKimens, Alix Le Méléder, and Lynn Umlauf, among others. Be sure to take a few hours of your time and visit this amazing gallery at your first opportunity!

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