The Grabar Art Conservation Center in Moscow was founded in 1918 on the initiative of the talented artist and art researcher I. Grabar. Today, this important place unites art history researchers, professional art restorers, keepers of the country’s cultural heritage, collectors, and art admirers who share the same values and love for art.

The story of the Grabar Center is not a simple one. The Center has been active for 100 years, and over this time it has outlived many events. It was transformed, closed down, and then restored. The Grabar Art Conservation Center today is an organization that succeeds in many areas. It is engaged in the preservation of cultural property, provides professional art restoration services, runs research work, inspects monuments, and helps young specialists in art restoration reach new heights in their careers.

The Grabar Center has preserved, restored, and saved many objects of fine and decorative art not only in Russia but also in other parts of the world. Among the most notable works are frescoes of Novgorod and Vladimir churches, cathedrals of the Moscow Kremlin, ancient Russian icons, and more.

The Grabar Art Conservation Center specializes in providing services for the restoration of monuments of art, icons, and graphics. Also, artists-restorers are working with wooden and stone sculptures and objects of applied arts.

Besides, the Grabar Center is involved in the training of new experts-restorers. They undergo several years of practice in the Center, where experienced artists and restorers share their knowledge and restoration skills. There is also an internship system in the Center’s numerous departments.

If you are keen on art and can’t imagine your life without it, you can broaden your horizon and learn more about the art history, famous artworks, and the process of art restoration by visiting the amazing Grabar Center in Moscow. Very recommended!

Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons User Svetlov Artem / CC BY 3.0
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