Duran|Mashaal – An Innovative Art Gallery in Montreal

Duran|Mashaal on Sherbrooke Ouest is a relatively new fine art gallery in Montreal, Canada, which was opened in 2017. The gallery has been operating for only two years, but it has already become one of the most renowned and reputable Montreal galleries representing innovative artists.

A Must-Visit Art Gallery in Montreal

Aimed at making high-quality contemporary art accessible to everyone, Duran|Mashaal is largely focused on the work of talented and inspiring emerging artists who are not known to a wide audience yet. However, the gallery also represents local and international mid-career artists who have already had solo shows and displayed their art at the art fairs. For today, Duran|Mashaal collaborates with 18 innovative artists working in the fields of painting, sculpture, and photography, showcasing their artworks at the well-thought-out exhibitions distinguished by their unique atmosphere that inspires a dialogue between intellect and emotion. These include Simon Andrew, Mark Lang, Ben Thomas, Laura Wood, Michael Flomen, Adriana Oliver, Andrew Pink, Victoria Wonnacott, and other contemporary talents who are not afraid to pioneer new art forms and experiment with the process of artmaking.

Since its very foundation in 2017, Duran|Mashaal has been promoting innovative artists by organizing truly gorgeous solo and group exhibitions, along with other events, for collectors and admirers of contemporary art. Besides, the gallery provides a range of specialist services to businesses, private collectors, and corporate clients. These include art consultancy, art appraisal, art resale, and even financing services that make owning high-quality art more affordable and much easier.

Duran|Mashaal is an exceptional fine art gallery in Montreal, with a fantastic selection of original works by so many talented artists. Once you are in Montreal, be sure to visit this amazing place and enjoy its fabulous atmosphere of culture and art!

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