The development of contemporary art in Africa has triggered a mountainous cultural shake resulting in the emergence of many fabulous art fairs. Today, we want to drag your attention to 1-54 Marrakech, an African art fair manifesting the plenitude of contemporary African art. The 2020 edition of the fair will encompass different performances across the city, so it is not only an opportunity to witness outstanding artworks but also an opportunity to become spiritually closer to the society and values of Marrakech.

The Contemporary African Art Fair in Marrakech

This year, it will be the third edition of the long-awaited fair. The start of the event is set on February 22, and it will last through February 23. 1-54 Marrakech returns with an exuberant exhibition consisting of 20 leading galleries from all over the world. Works of more than 65 artists will suffuse the venue with their brilliance. The list of the selected exhibitors includes Afronova Gallery, Goodman Gallery, Katharina Maria Raab, Loft Art Gallery, MAGNIN-A, and VOICE gallery, among others.

You should pay exceptional attention to gallery 127, which is genuinely the first contemporary photography gallery in North Africa. Having more than 14 years of experience, they managed to arrange around 70 solo and group exhibitions. The true value of gallery 127 lies in its dedication to Africa, the Arab world, and Morocco.

Another landmark addition to the fair is 1-54 Forum, during which everyone can attend panel discussions, accompanied by artists, curators, and cultural producers. Such dialogue ties the international art partnership and establishes the new look at the art of the future. In other words, it is the brim where the exchange of experience takes place.

1-54 Marrakech is, without a doubt, a notable and essential African art fair in the history of contemporary art of the continent. If you crave to visit Marrakech and enjoy art there, this opportunity is right in front of you.

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