Never has controversial art been so controversial as today. Firmly rooted in the entire human history, this branch has always represented the other side of the coin, which is the dichotomy between what is desirable and undesirable for the majority. In the last decades, it has divided into several new parts, and one of the most flourishing ones is controversial street art. In that respect, we cannot help but mention Banksy, an inspiring street artist noted for his contentious works.

A Slaughterhouse Delivery Truck as a symbol of controversial street art

While Banksy’s identity is yet unknown, his every work draws the attention of millions of people. The street artist leaves his mark all around the world, with many pieces being exhibited, sold, and resold. What is special about his street art is that it is a fabulous mixture of dark humor, satire, and realism. The controversy of Banksy’s works lies in revealing images that are prone to criticize aspects of people’s lives in society. His art is international as it questions the leading principles of any existing social structure.

“A Slaughterhouse Delivery Truck” is a brilliant piece of street art that came as a shock to many citizens of New York when it first appeared in 2013. At first glance, you just see a truck padded with animals. Not only do they look out from wooden slats, but they also moan and squeal. The picture of the truck changes its meaning when you notice that these cute animals are being moved to the slaughterhouse. One way to understand this is to look closer and ascertain that Banksy depicts the cruelty of the food industry and emphasizes that it is so casual that the truck is moving freely across the town. Such controversial street art makes you reconsider your views on some crucial life issues. After that performance, NYC street art changed forever.

Photo credit: Flickr User The Shared Experience / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
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