Istanbul is a historical and cultural gem of Eurasia. Through ages, this transcontinental city has beckoned the folks from different corners of the world and become the quintessence of cultural heritage. Today, Istanbul is one of the central cities where contemporary art evolves and prospers. Amongst a wide variety of local art museums, we want to drag your attention to Arter, a very special contemporary art museum in Istanbul.

Arter is more than just a contemporary art museum

Arter was opened as a subsidiary of the Vehbi Koç Foundation in 2010. In 2019, the Museum moved to a new magnificent 18,000-square-meter building. With the new venue, Arter went beyond the traditional notion of a museum and transformed into a multi-art platform for resourceful local and international artists. Today, the Museum’s collection features an impressive spectrum of art in all media, from painting and sculpture to photography and film to art installation.

Arter — Contemporary Art Museum in Istanbul

Being an integral part of the booming art scene in Istanbul, Arter continues to explore new horizons. In addition to offering superb exhibitions and a diverse collection of art, the program of this contemporary art museum features events for every taste. These include music shows, film screenings, digital art performances, and many more.

Apart from that, Arter is a valuable asset for those hungering for knowledge. You can enroll in Arter’s Learning Programme to immerse in the world of art with professionals and explore it inside out. In the meantime, two new series of publications titled “After Close-up” and “Arter Background” are off-the-shelf and will perfectly suit avid art-lovers interested in the history of art. Arter is not just a museum; it is a workshop of the art world’s future.

It is also worth noting that with the coronavirus hovering around, Arter does not sit with folded hands. The Museum keeps operating online. For example, we highly recommend the exhibition titled “#playathome: A Selection from the Arter Collection.” It is on view online through May 15.

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