Managing your company’s relationship with clients, as well as planning the resources of your business, has never been as easy as it has become with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This cloud-based ERP and CRM platform emerged as a complex solution for businesses of all types and sizes to boost productivity, advance automation, and introduce AI tools for better business management. The offer was released by Microsoft in 2016 and for the past four years, it has gained much popularity among entrepreneurs for its affordability, flexibility, and variety of included features. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 set contains business applications of all kinds, allowing each client to choose the necessary functionality and customize the services for their unique business needs.

Pros and Cons of Microsoft Dynamics

One of the most evident advantages of the Microsoft package for businesses is its low cost of entry, allowing any business, even that with a small budget, to try it out. Simon Mosheshvili, an experienced entrepreneur and expert in information technology, also praised Microsoft Dynamics for the extensive analytics of customer data allowing a better insight into customer behaviors and preferences, thus paving the path for any business service improvements. In addition to these analytical tools, Mr. Mosheshvili admitted that the CRM solution from Microsoft has advanced omnichannel customer engagement tools that improve the brand’s relationship with the loyal customer community and increase clients’ loyalty.

Apart from these evident pluses, however, some issues still require being mentioned to give an objective snapshot of how Microsoft Dynamics can help your business. It’s notable that Microsoft doesn’t market the platform directly, but does it with the help of third-party affiliates, which may raise some support and pricing issues. Besides, there have been several complaints across the Web about lengthy management of queries and complaints by the platform’s support. Hopefully, these issues have been fixed as the platform evolved on the market.

Where Can You Use It?

Microsoft is a company with tons of digital solutions for businesses, so if you work with its products or require the integration of CRM/ERP platforms with D365 or O365, Microsoft Dynamics is the platform to choose. It also integrates seamlessly with PowerAutomate and PowerBI, raising your business capabilities to the next level.

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