When you decide to freshen up your home décor with a couple of sparkish paintings, you should plan it long beforehand. Apart from choosing an art gallery, you have to think twice about how you are going to ship your purchase to your home. Shipping artwork is a responsible and fairly delicate process requiring plenty of skills and practical knowledge. Going for such a venture, one should realize how high stakes are and, thus, organize everything to a tee. Below you will find several tips for shipping art to another state, which will help you arrange safe shipping so that your artworks won’t lose their spark.

Tips for shipping artwork to another state

Make a flexible budget

Emphasis is on “flexible.” You can find out the price for shipping services by using a free shipping quote that most companies provide. However, you also need to include the price of other services, such as art insurance, art storage, and art installation, if you need them, of course.

Better not to rely on Fortuna

If you cannot pack artworks properly, do not even try to do it on your own because the chances are high that you will just botch them. Trying things for the first time is good, but not in this case. Stick to professional art handlers & packers who will do it according to the required standards of safety.

Hire the right shipping company

How can a shipping company be not “right”? For many reasons. When you hire professional fine art shippers, you should inquire about the shipping rates, list of services, location, availability, and, finally, additional fees that the company charges. That is why you have to pick wisely. When shipping artwork to another state, it also would be useful to ask whether the shippers operate across the whole US or only in some areas.

With these tips, you can greatly enhance your shipping experience and avoid a negative one. Be sure to follow them, and you will nail it!

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