India is home to one of the most extensive and exotic cultures in the world. Since the history of Bharat is thousands of years old, it is no wonder that such a grand nation is known for its colorful and extraordinary art. Today, more and more authentic Indian artists are joining the international contemporary art community, while Indian art is successfully exerting influence on the global art market.

If you are still not sure whether Indian art is your cup of tea or not, you probably do not know how valuable and important it has become over the last years. Continue reading and find out why and where to acquire it so to freshen up your personal collection.

The intrinsic value of Indian art

What makes art of this magnificent country a revolutionary phenomenon against the background of others? Apparently, it is the fusion of traditional and contemporary elements. Though it may look unusual, such a merge of styles and their modifications is but a socio-cultural experiment that has turned out to be a complete success. There are lots of worthy pieces out there, so if you want to start collecting Indian modern art or just to buy some artworks for your home, you have to know how and where you can buy them without risks and pain.

Where and how to buy it?

If you are not a resident of India, the distance is quite an issue, especially now. That being the case, you should consider using the professional gallery services of DAG gallery, a reliable provider and fosterer of the top-notch Indian art. But before buying something, you will also need international fine art shipping services to ship your artworks from one country to another, and here is where the NYC-based company Fine Art Shippers pitches in. With the help of a seasoned team of art handlers, you will be able to move fine art from India to any other destination. Sounds easy, right? In reality, it is even easier. The key is to work with the best of the best!

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