No matter how long you explore Asian art, there is always something that can flabbergast you and make you speechless. That is because the world of Oriental art is so vast and deep that you would spend a whole life investigating this peculiar cultural ocean. If you are a dedicated fan of Eastern art, then the ongoing program of events at Asian Art in London 2020 is a golden opportunity for you to once again plunge into the harmonious, nature-driven art directly from the Asian world.

The plenitude of Eastern art in one place

Asian Art in London was established in 1998. Over the years, it has earned the name of the international center for excellence and expertise in Asian art. Without overstating it, this platform holds a principal place in establishing a connection between Western and Eastern art.

You may hear about Asian Art in London every fall season when it launches and coordinates the massive showcase of Oriental masterpieces. Leading international auction houses, innovative art galleries, museums, and dealers take part in the events to present the best works of art by talented Asian artists. The entire program includes exhibitions, auctions, lectures, and night openings that are intended to educate, hook, and offer potential buyers quality products.

Asian Art in London 2020 is divided into two parts: Indian & Islamic Art and East Asian Art. The focus is put on China, Japan, Korea, and countries of Southeast Asia. Indian & Islamic Art is due October 31, whereas East Asian Art has only started and will run through November 7.

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