Shipping furniture is one of the most staggering nightmares that come to everyone who dares to move fragile objects without due preparation. The situation is getting even direr when you need to transport antique furniture. You must have heard the stories of how a luxurious designer sofa suddenly becomes a pile of wood, or an old family dresser magically transforms into a contemporary wooden installation. In fact, no magic is involved. The problem is that antique furniture shipping requires more than just attention. To enhance your shipping skills, you have to know about four essential steps that will lead you to success.

Foolproof antique furniture shipping in four steps

Step 1. Get it appraised

To apply for insurance, you need to get your furniture appraised by certified appraisers so that you know the real loss cost if something unsavory happens to your belongings. The industry brims with credible companies providing professional appraisal services, so it won’t be hard to find one.

Step 2. Buy insurance

Insurance would be a logical continuation of the appraisal. Antique furniture shipping is always a risky venture since you need to entrust the shippers with transporting rather brittle and expensive items. As a precautionary measure, you may get the insurance coverage that helps cope with damaged in transit items. 

Step 3. Do not do everything yourself – hire professionals

Choosing the right shipping company is half success. As long as you deal with delicate and feeble pieces, you should rely only on professional help. Remember that this task will be most suited for white glove movers who specialize in shipping fragile high-dollar items.

Step 4. Enjoy the process

Now you can enjoy the process. With insurance and a specialized team of shippers behind, the chances are high that you will obtain a seamless shipping experience and help yourself make antique furniture shipping much plainer. Good luck!

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