Even though the logistics system is now very well developed and many services offer a convenient and reliable way to ship artwork to another city, this type of cargo still assumes possible risks that may arise on the road. For this purpose, you need specific knowledge and, of course, patience and intelligence to use it when planning and shipping fine art. We offer you to read this post with some valuable information on the matter.

How to ship artwork to another city safely?

1. Obtain quality supplies

To ship artwork safely, you need a lot of quality packaging material. Avoid re-used boxes and poor protective supplies since they are the triggers for further unpleasant consequences that may occur in transit. To pack your art properly, you need:

  • suitable boxes;
  • tissue paper;
  • bubble wrap;
  • artist tape;
  • cushioning material to use as padding.

2. Apply the double-box method

After you have securely packed the art object with tissue paper and bubble wrap, put it in a box with cushioning material, and taped everything properly, you should take another box, larger in size, and put your package in it for double protection. Don’t forget to add cushioning material in the larger box too. This method is quite handy for very fragile items.

3. Find an art shipping company with extensive experience

Take your time to find a company with extensive experience in shipping fine art. With professional art shippers, you will have a range of flexible options you can benefit from when shipping art to another city, from consolidated art shuttles to white glove delivery.

Overall, to ship artwork safely, you simply need to be very careful and prudent. If you require some help, Fine Art Shippers will be happy to provide you with professional art shipping services. Feel free to contact us today!

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