There is no better way to ship fine art or other valuables than going for white glove delivery. Over the years, it has been the epitome of quality and superior customer service. You can hardly find drawbacks in it since white glove service is designed to be the best possible option you can opt for.

However, there is a problem related to the people’s attitude to this particular kind of delivery. Today, you are going to learn about five common myths and misconceptions that are outdated or wrong and thus should be ignored.

5 myths and misconceptions about white glove delivery

It is a daylight robbery!

The most widespread myth is, of course, about the expensiveness of the services. In reality, different companies have different rates, and you, as a customer, are free to choose those that suit your budget best.

All white glove delivery services are the same

If you have had some negative experience working with white glove movers, it’s not the problem with the services but with a company. Do your homework and check the reputation, as well as the service list, before hiring someone.

Only good for one-time delivery

White glove moving services are indeed most suitable for some exceptionally delicate and expensive freight such as fine books and manuscripts or paintings. It doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t use them for more “ordinary” things.

A perfect solution to all your problems

It is one of the best, if not the best, solution in many cases, indeed. However, nothing is impeccable, so you shouldn’t consider white glove delivery as a flawless choice.

White glove movers should wear gloves

Such a myth actually exists. Though gloves—not necessarily white—are recommended and sometimes even mandatory, white glove movers are not obliged to wear them.

Though these myths and misconceptions are little by little becoming the things of the past, they are still alive in the minds of many people. Better avoid them if you want to get a clear picture of the situation!

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