Have you ever pondered about what makes a famous art installation? The majority of people never ask such questions – and for good reason. Installation art isn’t designed to raise questions; instead, it is something capturing your imagination and leaving you speechless. It is a personal experience that matters the most. To reach people’s hearts and minds, artists should consider several crucial elements that make the real difference when it comes to the success of an artwork. Let’s look at these five core elements of successful art installations right now.

5 core elements of successful art installations

1. Originality

Though it’s hard to be fully unique nowadays, contemporary artists always come up with something highly creative and unusual. In other words, there is no point in copying or duplicating art because it simply doesn’t work.

2. Large scale

As a rule, the bigger art installations are, the better. Large-scale objects attract more attention from the public than small ones. However, it doesn’t mean that smaller artworks cannot become successful. They can and do.

3. Immersion & interaction

This is all about the impression that artwork makes on viewers. If people get a chance to somehow interact with an installation, they establish a bond with a sculpture, which makes their experience exclusive.

4. Relevant site

A relevant site doesn’t necessarily mean a densely populated city. First off, a place should add to the atmosphere that an art installation tries to create. It’s a pivotal part of the experience that people have. 

5. Low time limits

Time limits, or lack thereof, may greatly impact the growing success of a piece of art. When it comes to temporary artworks, art curators and artists should give people enough time to recognize an artwork.

Without these five key elements, it’s difficult for art installations to appeal to people and grip their attention. The success comes when all of the aspects are taken into account simultaneously.

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