The more you ship fine art, the more you understand the true and unquestionable value of a professional art logistics company. With the help of expert fine art shippers, you do not need to make a fuss every time you want to deliver your art to another place, be it another city or another country. If you still do not hire an art shipping company when transporting fine art, here are five main reasons why you should start considering it as a viable option from now on.

Top 5 reasons why you should hire an art logistics company

1. Art handlers care about your art

It is not because they just want to; it is because caring about your art is their job. They specialize in artworks and know how to ensure their safety during transportation. And this is what makes them stand out against regular shipping companies.

2. Professional packing & crating

Most of the time, artworks get damaged due to poor packaging or crating. Both packaging materials and packaging techniques are what matters for the safety of your shipment, especially when you need a custom crate.

3. Top-notch safety

Artwork safety and integrity are the top priorities of the art logistics company. Climate-controlled trucks and the highest shipping standards make the art transportation process almost free from risks.

4. Proper timing

Shipping artworks requires rigid planning, so you always have to plan it long beforehand, taking into account lots of details. However, when you hire professional art handlers, time management is no longer your problem.

5. Healthier psyche

Not only is art shipping time-consuming, but it is also nerve-racking. When you ship art by yourself, you are usually worried about the safety of your package, especially if it is an expensive item. With specialists on your side, you lighten your load a lot. 

If you have not started working with an art logistics company yet, it is time to do it right now. Do not hesitate to contact art experts and ask for professional help!

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