The question of how to ship art prints rises more and more frequently. Over the last decade, fine art prints have been quietly gaining momentum. As of today, they seem some of the most trending art products in the entire industry. Thanks to the authenticity and affordability, many collectors now consider buying them іn great numbers.

If you want to make a present or sell a print, you have to ensure its safe transportation to a recipient. The next three key recommendations will come in useful the day when you decide to ship your artwork.

How to ship art prints: 3 key recommendations

1. Use bio-degradable cello sleeve and greyboard for additional protection

Packaging tubes are great, but if the idea of bending and rolling your canvases makes you dizzy, then you should opt for alternative methods. Have you heard of bio-degradable cello sleeves? Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they can also protect your pieces from the weather in a cardboard mailer box. Also, consider using greyboard sheets to make the shipment more robust from the inside.

2. Make use of shipping labels

Art prints are a fragile freight, so it would be a pretty good idea to use all sorts of shipping stickers to prevent accidents that lead to damage. For instance, it is mandatory to use “Fragile” and “Do Not Bend” stickers. By seeing them, shippers will handle the prints with more attention and care.

3. Hire fine art shippers

Last but not least, you need to turn to professional fine art shippers who specialize in handling and shipping fine art prints. It is essential to find an experienced art logistics company that will take into account all your requirements. 


These simple yet handy recommendations will help you organize the process of shipping most effectively. And, hopefully, the question of how to ship art prints won’t bother you anymore.

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