When you are preparing for a move, you have to think about how to transport your most expensive and fragile items safely. You should pay particular attention to paintings, art prints, and other wall art pieces that you likely have in your home. Below you will find some tips for moving wall art safely.

Tips for packing and moving wall art

To pack artworks properly, you need the following materials: suitably sized cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, pieces of cardboard, blankets, shipping tubes for unframed paintings, soft paper for packing, a marker, painter’s tape, packing tape, and protectors for corners.

Different artworks require different methods of packaging. For example, if you are moving wall art framed with glass, you need to protect the glass with painter’s tape that should be applied in an X shape. After that, carefully wrap the artwork in several layers of bubble wrap and put it in a box that is a little bit larger than it. Seal the box with packing tape on all sides and mark it as ‘fragile.’ This will help the person carrying the box understand how to handle it properly.

It is necessary to place wall art on the truck carefully, especially the most fragile pieces. Place the artworks on their sides near the heavy items (for example, couches, mattresses, or other pieces of furniture) to avoid shifting during transportation. Make sure that the heavy items won’t damage the artwork.

As for the mirrors, you should pack and transport them in a similar way. If there are any detachable parts or decorations, pack them separately but do not forget to attach them to the box with your mirror so that they won’t get lost during the moving process.

Please remember that in case your wall art is extremely expensive or fragile, it is required to hire professional art movers who are experienced in moving wall art. This will prevent you from unexpected losses.

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