Most artworks, especially paintings, are fragile and expensive. For this reason, the process of shipping a painting requires care and attention. It is easy to damage the piece during transportation if it is not packed properly. Professional art shippers usually recommend a double-box option. Also, it is better to pack the glass cover separately. Besides, larger paintings should be shipped in wooden crates.

If the glass cannot be removed from the artwork, the item requires particular care. In such a case, you should protect the glass with painter’s tape. Also, keep in mind that the painting surface should not contact the packing tape, corrugated cardboard, or other packing materials. The exception is acid-free paper that you can use to wrap your painting.

More tips for shipping a painting safely

To pack your painting, you need painter’s tape, bubble wrap, packing tape, scissors, foam corners, and two durable boxes. Follow the steps below.

  • If you are shipping a painting framed with glass, cover the glass with several strips of painter’s tape. It will help reduce damage in case the glass breaks in transit.
  • Protect the corners of the art frame with foam or cardboard protectors.
  • Cover the artwork’s frame with bubble wrap. Bubbles should face inward. Secure the bubble wrap with packing tape.
  • Put the painting into the box and fill in the empty space with more bubble wrap. Seal the box with packing tape.
  • Take the second box and put the first one inside. Add more bubble wrap if needed. Try to shake the box lightly to check the quality of the packaging. Seal the box with packing tape and mark it as ‘fragile.’

In case your painting is expensive or old, it is better to use the service of a professional art logistics company like Fine Art Shippers. Shipping a painting of any size is our specialty, and we can ensure it arrives at the destination in perfect condition.

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