5 Core Elements of Successful Art Installations

Have you ever pondered about what makes a famous art installation? The majority of people never ask such questions – and for good reason. Installation art isn’t designed to raise questions; instead, it is something capturing your imagination and leaving you speechless. It is a personal experience that matters the most. To reach people’s hearts and minds, artists should consider several crucial elements that make the real difference when it comes to the success of an artwork. Let’s look at these five core elements of successful art installations right now.

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What Does It Mean to Be an Art Handler?

There are many ways how you can damage art—breaking, scratching, chipping, cracking, smashing, just to name a few. As simple as it may sound, moving fine art is actually harder than it looks and sounds. That’s why the role of an art handler is fundamental to the entire industry. Thanks to them and other art professionals, you have a luxurious possibility to look at magnificent artworks at art galleries, art salons, art museums, art fairs, streets, and many other places. The question is, what do art handlers do?

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4 Last-Minute Tips for Packing and Shipping Art Gifts

Of all possible gifts, you won’t find a more exclusive and personalized present than art. Giving art as a gift is a unique way to say how much you value and how well you know a person. At the same time, it is probably one of the most challenging methods of gift sharing. In the first place, it is always hard to pick something exceeding one’s expectations. In the second place, art gifts such as paintings and fine art prints are fragile and usually quite expensive.

If you don’t want to spoil the holidays, you need to get prepared appropriately. Here are some surefire tips for packing and shipping art gifts, which you should use to ensure their safety.

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Things to Consider Before You Ship a Painting

If you are a novice artist or collector who has faced the problem of transporting paintings, this blog post is right for you. Unless you properly prepare your artwork for the long haul, there is a chance of mishaps and damage in transit. We have put together some handy things to consider if you want to ship a painting safely.

Things to consider before you ship a painting

To prepare for painting transportation, you need to know two simple things: 

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Art Storage Tips for Novice Collectors

Building and maintaining a strong art collection is quite a challenging task. If you want to kickstart your collecting process but are not aware of proper art storage conditions, you are in the right place. We have a comprehensive list of tips and tricks for you to treat your collectibles like a pro. Certainly, wisdom comes from experience, but our blog post is a good start to expand your art collecting knowledge. Read on!

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