Things to Consider Before You Ship a Painting

If you are a novice artist or collector who has faced the problem of transporting paintings, this blog post is right for you. Unless you properly prepare your artwork for the long haul, there is a chance of mishaps and damage in transit. We have put together some handy things to consider if you want to ship a painting safely.

Things to consider before you ship a painting

To prepare for painting transportation, you need to know two simple things: 

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Art Storage Tips for Novice Collectors

Building and maintaining a strong art collection is quite a challenging task. If you want to kickstart your collecting process but are not aware of proper art storage conditions, you are in the right place. We have a comprehensive list of tips and tricks for you to treat your collectibles like a pro. Certainly, wisdom comes from experience, but our blog post is a good start to expand your art collecting knowledge. Read on!

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5 Myths and Misconceptions about White Glove Delivery

There is no better way to ship fine art or other valuables than going for white glove delivery. Over the years, it has been the epitome of quality and superior customer service. You can hardly find drawbacks in it since white glove service is designed to be the best possible option you can opt for.

However, there is a problem related to the people’s attitude to this particular kind of delivery. Today, you are going to learn about five common myths and misconceptions that are outdated or wrong and thus should be ignored.

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How to Ship Artwork to Another City Safely?

Even though the logistics system is now very well developed and many services offer a convenient and reliable way to ship artwork to another city, this type of cargo still assumes possible risks that may arise on the road. For this purpose, you need specific knowledge and, of course, patience and intelligence to use it when planning and shipping fine art. We offer you to read this post with some valuable information on the matter.

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Things to Consider When Shipping Art to Another State

If you live in the U.S. and are engaged in creative activity, you are bound to face the problem of safe and cost-effective transportation of artwork across the states. Despite all the nuances of the process, there are truly effective options for shipping art safely and securely. Whether you are shipping a huge art collection or a single painting, these tips will come in handy and help you deliver your items to another state efficiently.

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