Asian Art in London 2020: The Plenitude of Eastern Art in One Place

No matter how long you explore Asian art, there is always something that can flabbergast you and make you speechless. That is because the world of Oriental art is so vast and deep that you would spend a whole life investigating this peculiar cultural ocean. If you are a dedicated fan of Eastern art, then the ongoing program of events at Asian Art in London 2020 is a golden opportunity for you to once again plunge into the harmonious, nature-driven art directly from the Asian world.

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MoMA PS1: Where Contemporary Art Finds Its Sincere Calling

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is a place of immense cultural significance, which has been home to the best art exhibitions in New York since 1929. Being one of the most influential institutions fostering modern art, it has earned the reputation of one of the backbones of the current industry. The main venue is dedicated to modern art, while appreciators of contemporary art should pay their attention to MoMA PS1, one of the largest spaces dedicated to contemporary fine arts in the US.

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The Intrinsic Value of Indian Art & Where to Buy It

India is home to one of the most extensive and exotic cultures in the world. Since the history of Bharat is thousands of years old, it is no wonder that such a grand nation is known for its colorful and extraordinary art. Today, more and more authentic Indian artists are joining the international contemporary art community, while Indian art is successfully exerting influence on the global art market.

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4 Clever Interior Design Trends to Follow This Fall

Summer is little by little drawing to a close, leaving your warm memories behind and getting you ready for a fall. Like any other season, fall has its distinguishing atmosphere marked by grim and yet charming weather and ever-shifting climate. This means that you should change too, and so should your environment. Reshaping interior design of your home might be one of the finest choices if you decide to make some alterations to the colors and tones of your day-to-day life. The following design trends will help you prepare your home for fall 2020!

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Tips for Shipping Artwork to Another State

When you decide to freshen up your home décor with a couple of sparkish paintings, you should plan it long beforehand. Apart from choosing an art gallery, you have to think twice about how you are going to ship your purchase to your home. Shipping artwork is a responsible and fairly delicate process requiring plenty of skills and practical knowledge. Going for such a venture, one should realize how high stakes are and, thus, organize everything to a tee. Below you will find several tips for shipping art to another state, which will help you arrange safe shipping so that your artworks won’t lose their spark.

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