Eva Mayer Has Released a New Single Titled “Survive”

The up-and-coming Russian artist and poet Eva Mayer has recently released her new work titled “Survive.” The single was created in collaboration with Legroni, a popular musician and DJ, whose original tracks are gaining popularity in the music scene worldwide. “Survive” is Eva Mayer’s first work presented in the techno style. Besides, it is her first single released with English subtitles to reach a wider international audience.

Eva Mayer burst onto the Russian art scene in early 2019. Her bold and straightforward free verse poetry read with electronic and dance music in the background was like a breath of fresh air, turning everyone’s attention to the young poet who was not afraid to tell the truth even if it was inconvenient or hard to hear. Over the last year, Eva Mayer has released several successful poetic albums, celebrated her birthday with a touching reading of her best works, had a series of public poetry evenings and media appearances, and even become the most talked-about poet in Russia.

Today, Eva Mayer continues to grow as a poet and artist, trying different art forms and styles to express her creativity and talent. In particular, earlier this year, she introduced her first series of abstract gouache paintings she painted using her naked body as a tool. One of the paintings, “Cosmic Love,” was selected to be featured on the cover of Mayer’s new single “Survive.”

Eva Mayer Has Released a New Single Titled “Survive”

The cover of “Survive” has one more interesting element. If you look closely at it, you will notice Eva Mayer’s signature ME right before the name of the artist. It is a play on words, which, on the one hand, refers to her initials and, on the other hand, emphasizes her personality by stating “Eva Mayer is me.” This significant ME can be found on all works created by Eva Mayer, making it a distinctive feature of the artist.

As it has been already mentioned, “Survive” is Eva Mayer’s first work in the techno style. This became possible thanks to the artist’s collaboration with Legroni, who uses a combination of world sounds, analog synthesizers, and VST plugins in his tracks. “Survive” is stylish and sensual at the same time; it is full of strength and courage, love and hope. This work has marked a whole new stage in Eva Mayer’s artistic development, showing her talent and creativity from a different angle.

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Controversial Street Art by Banksy

Never has controversial art been so controversial as today. Firmly rooted in the entire human history, this branch has always represented the other side of the coin, which is the dichotomy between what is desirable and undesirable for the majority. In the last decades, it has divided into several new parts, and one of the most flourishing ones is controversial street art. In that respect, we cannot help but mention Banksy, an inspiring street artist noted for his contentious works.

A Slaughterhouse Delivery Truck as a symbol of controversial street art

While Banksy’s identity is yet unknown, his every work draws the attention of millions of people. The street artist leaves his mark all around the world, with many pieces being exhibited, sold, and resold. What is special about his street art is that it is a fabulous mixture of dark humor, satire, and realism. The controversy of Banksy’s works lies in revealing images that are prone to criticize aspects of people’s lives in society. His art is international as it questions the leading principles of any existing social structure.

“A Slaughterhouse Delivery Truck” is a brilliant piece of street art that came as a shock to many citizens of New York when it first appeared in 2013. At first glance, you just see a truck padded with animals. Not only do they look out from wooden slats, but they also moan and squeal. The picture of the truck changes its meaning when you notice that these cute animals are being moved to the slaughterhouse. One way to understand this is to look closer and ascertain that Banksy depicts the cruelty of the food industry and emphasizes that it is so casual that the truck is moving freely across the town. Such controversial street art makes you reconsider your views on some crucial life issues. After that performance, NYC street art changed forever.

Photo credit: Flickr User The Shared Experience / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

1-54 Marrakech — Contemporary African Art Fair

The development of contemporary art in Africa has triggered a mountainous cultural shake resulting in the emergence of many fabulous art fairs. Today, we want to drag your attention to 1-54 Marrakech, an African art fair manifesting the plenitude of contemporary African art. The 2020 edition of the fair will encompass different performances across the city, so it is not only an opportunity to witness outstanding artworks but also an opportunity to become spiritually closer to the society and values of Marrakech.

The Contemporary African Art Fair in Marrakech

This year, it will be the third edition of the long-awaited fair. The start of the event is set on February 22, and it will last through February 23. 1-54 Marrakech returns with an exuberant exhibition consisting of 20 leading galleries from all over the world. Works of more than 65 artists will suffuse the venue with their brilliance. The list of the selected exhibitors includes Afronova Gallery, Goodman Gallery, Katharina Maria Raab, Loft Art Gallery, MAGNIN-A, and VOICE gallery, among others.

You should pay exceptional attention to gallery 127, which is genuinely the first contemporary photography gallery in North Africa. Having more than 14 years of experience, they managed to arrange around 70 solo and group exhibitions. The true value of gallery 127 lies in its dedication to Africa, the Arab world, and Morocco.

Another landmark addition to the fair is 1-54 Forum, during which everyone can attend panel discussions, accompanied by artists, curators, and cultural producers. Such dialogue ties the international art partnership and establishes the new look at the art of the future. In other words, it is the brim where the exchange of experience takes place.

1-54 Marrakech is, without a doubt, a notable and essential African art fair in the history of contemporary art of the continent. If you crave to visit Marrakech and enjoy art there, this opportunity is right in front of you.

The Image of St. Nicholas in Religious Art

Saint Nicholas is one of the central figures and most known saints in Christianity. It is no wonder that lots of works dedicated to his personality are immensely prominent around the world. Moreover, the image of the venerated bishop appears not only in traditional Orthodox icons but also in numerous paintings and other pieces of religious art.

St. Nicholas in Religious Art

Saint Nicholas of Myra was a Christian bishop of the ancient city of Myra in Greece. Being the benefactor for a vast spectrum of people, he is also known worldwide as Nicholas the Wonderworker, largely due to so many miracles attributed to his intercession.

The Image of St. Nicholas in Religious Art
Russian icon of Nikola Lipniy

The image of St. Nicholas is mostly prevalent in religious art and icon painting in particular. It would take a long time to list all popular St. Nicholas icons, but let us draw your attention to two special ones: the icon of Nikola Lipniy and the Byzantine icon of Saint Nicholas.

The Image of St. Nicholas in Religious Art
Byzantine icon of Saint Nicholas

The first icon was painted in 1294 for Saint Nicholas Church on Lipno Island in Novgorod and represents the ancient Russian icon painting style. The second icon shows the bishop from the Byzantine viewpoint; it was painted in the 10th century in the Byzantine Empire. Against the background of these two icons, we can see how two main icon painting schools depict the image of St. Nicholas differently.

It is also impossible not to mention the notable Ilya Repin’s tribute to the image of the saint. In his 1888 painting “Saint Nicholas of Myra saves three innocents from death,” Repin puts St. Nicholas in real conditions, showing him preventing the injustice at the time when the saint was a bishop in Myra in Lycia.

The Image of St. Nicholas in Religious Art
Ilya Repin’s “Saint Nicholas of Myra saves three innocents from death”

St. Nicholas has always been the source of hope for many Christians and the source of inspiration for many artists in all fields of art, and he will always be.

Stunning Noir Paintings by Jack Vettriano

The land of Scotland has always been abundant with gifted persons. Jack Vettriano is one of such individuals, whose incredible talent and original noir paintings have made him a notable name among contemporary Scottish artists.

Jack Vettriano was born in 1951 into a poor family. With the necessity to work hard to survive, he never thought of becoming an artist. However, everything changed when his girlfriend gave him a set of watercolors as a gift for his 21st birthday. That was the beginning of Vettriano’s passion for art, which would eventually bring him worldwide fame.

Jack Vettriano is a self-taught contemporary artist. He started his artistic career with creating copies of the famous Impressionist paintings that he signed as Jack Hoggan. The year 1989 was a turning point for the artist. Two of his paintings were accepted by the Royal Scottish Academy to be showcased at the annual exhibition, and both of them were sold on the same day. It was a complete surprise for the artist. That success gave a strong driving force to Vettriano’s further professional growth and served as a background for the appearance of his famous noir paintings. It is interesting that at the time, Jack Vettriano was not taken seriously by both art critics and his colleagues, but as it turned out, it was a mistake.

Today, Jack Vettriano is a well-known artist whose works have been featured at many exhibitions around the world. The artist creates paintings mainly in a romantic style. The colors and shapes that he uses to portray reality make his works look like real photographs. However, what has made him famous is his noir paintings evoking feelings of nostalgia.

If you are not familiar with the work of Jack Vettriano, then it is time to learn more about this talented Scottish artist. You will love his style and ideas put in his beautiful artworks.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons User Jack Vettriano / CC BY-SA 4.0

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