The Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, MA opened its doors in 2006. Today, it is a reputable no-profit museum with an important mission of strengthening the cultural relations between Russia and the US and ensuring a robust connection between the two nations with the help of art.

The Museum houses an impressive collection of religious icon art and artifacts, with more than 1,000 Russian icons that range from unique pieces dating back to the mid-15th century to masterpieces of modern religious art. The highlight of the collection is a very special exhibit – 17th-century Royal Doors that once were part of an old Orthodox Church in Russia and led to the High Altar.

It is also worth noting that the permanent collection presented at the Museum of Russian Icons is currently the largest private collection of Russian icon art outside of Russia. It was started by Gordon B. Lankton, the founder of the Museum. Gordon B. Lankton is a plastics engineer, former CEO of the famous Nypro Company, and a passionate traveler who even made a motorcycle trip across many countries in 1956-1957. In 1989, during his visit to Russia, Lankton bought his first icon, which marked the beginning of his collection and led to the opening of the Museum years later.

The Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton is located in a former mill building with a 150-year-old history and also occupies a nearby modern building that previously served as the Police Station and the Clinton District Court. The Museum displays a permanent collection on the three floors of the galleries and has a special gallery space for temporary exhibitions. Besides, it hosts various events, concerts, and lectures.

If you happen to be in Clinton, Massachusetts, take your time to visit the Museum of Russian Icons and discover its amazing collection of Russian icons and artifacts. Very recommended!

Photo credit: Wikipedia User Vlad b / CC BY-SA 3.0
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